Welcome to the Data Exploration Lab

In the Data Exploration Lab (DXL) we explore the intersection between data, analysis, visualization and computational science.

tl;dr: data is fun when it has a metric. Let’s do cool things with that.

This document is designed to be a reference document for lab members as well as part of an “onboarding” process when folks join the lab – there’s even a checklist! It is a living document, and lab members are encouraged to submit pull requests if they wish to update it. It is stored at https://github.com/data-exp-lab/dxl-docs .


This Document

This document is based on Lab Carpentry and is available under the CC-0 license.

To make changes to this document, fork the repository from the primary Data Exploration Lab repository at http://bitbucket.org/data-exp-lab/dxl-docs and submit your changes as a pull request.


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